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Hamble Point Boat Show

The Hamble Point Boat Show  This was held on the week end of the 16/17th May this year and though it is primarily a used boat show, it always gives us a chance to show off the boats based here at Hamble Point. In fact, after various boat moves, we were able to claim A and B pontoon as truly ‘Arcona Alley’! Sunnier and reasonably warm, it was much busier…


Yet another new arrival to the Arcona Family! 'Harmony' Arcona 380 arrived in Hamble Point Marina on the 11th of May and will be taken back to her home in Port Solent, Not too far from us at all! See you at the Arcona Rally's!

Jolly Roger

 A new arrival at Hamble point ! The latest Arcona to join our growing family arrived by flatbed trailer on March 23rd. She was commissioned over the next few days and handed over to her proud new owners on Friday 27th March, Jolly Roger of Hamble an Arcona 410 will be berthed at Hamble Point Marina.