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More Impressive Feedback For The New Arcona 380


‘It is inevitable on yacht deliveries that a lot of time is spent motor sailing to windward in a stiff breeze to maintain speed and/or to reach shelter before worse weather sets in. Outright cruising boats manage this quite well albeit not that quickly. Cruiser/Racers can be faster but at the cost of serious slamming and discomfort. One exception to the latter was an Arcona 380 I recently delivered from Stockholm to Hamble. This boat is so close winded that the VMG we achieved was as good as motor sailing and achieved in greater comfort, even across the North Sea in lumpy conditions thrown up by a F5/6. Although easily perceived as an outstanding Racer/Cruiser her interior layout and sailing qualities offshore make her a serious contender as a fast cruising boat.’

(Brendan Budd PYD Skipper – 04/12/14)

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