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Eddystone Pursuit Race 2016

Owners Simon and Yvonne Chapman on their Arcona 410 ‘Archemy’ took part in the ‘Eddystone Pursuit Race’ at the end of June. This is an annual event which sees teams race in a variety of sailing craft from Plymouth around the Eddystone lighthouse and back.  There is a prize fund of £18,000 which is allocated based on the charity fundraising by the participants and the race result.
We are pleased to say that the Chapmans and their ‘ All Aboard’ team managed to come fourth out of 63 participants and raised a total of £3,677 including their share of the prize fund. Here are the happy crew after the race!   ‘All Aboard’ does some wonderful work giving people who are disabled and otherwise disadvantaged, opportunities to do things the rest of us take for granted.

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